How to Convert Garage to Living Space

garage guest cottageAre you outgrowing your home? Cannot or do not want to relocate? When you simply require additional space, garage living space conversion might be the perfect solution. Garage conversions are usually an excellent way to add two hundred to four hundred square feet of living space to a house. Whether you convert it into a home gym, a royal bathroom or a master bedroom, it is a lot more convenient than constructing a new living room.

Since garages already have 4 exterior walls, a roof, in addition to a foundation, your costs will be low. Garage conversions might seem like an easy do-it-yourself project, however, they require careful planning and meticulous execution in order to create a room that harmonizes seamlessly with the remainder of your home.

Examine the Benefit/Cost Ratio of Converting your Garage

garage-house-doorBefore you begin your garage conversion project, it is important that you consider the benefit/cost of creating a new living space. Aside from adding extra living space to your house, a garage conversion can increase the value of your property as well. However, it can also lead to a loss of value because it may put off prospective purchasers. This is particularly true if there is a garage in practically every other home within the street, but now there is none in yours.

A good general principle is to look at the homes in your neighborhood. If there is a garage in most of the houses, then converting your garage into a living space might reduce the desirability of your home or negatively impact the value of your property. Thus, first, assess the property market situation in your locality to determine how a garage conversion will impact the worth of your home.

Obtain a Permit for your Garage Living Space Conversion

HarleyManCave1In most cities, homeowners who wish to turn their garage into a living space are required to obtain a building permit from the pertinent authority. Sadly, if you fail to obtain the needed permits, you may never realize your goal of extending your living space.

In order to obtain the needed permits, you will have to show local officials that your building meets local codes. Also, you will be asked to present a comprehensive plan for future renovations.

If you plan to convert your garage into a rental space, that might ultimately turn your home into a 2 family one. If for instance, you install a kitchen plus an oven, then your house will be regarded as a 2 family one. However, in some localities, a property will retain its single-household status if a kitchenette with no oven is added.

One other thing you should take into account before you begin your garage overhaul is that some localities stipulate minimum sizes of rooms for garage conversions. Thus, you might be able to add no more than a studio space but this depends on how big your garage is.

Estimate the Cost of Converting your Garage into a Living Room

Organizing-GarageGenerally speaking, several factors will influence the cost of your garage conversion project. The actual cost of the project will be determined by the contractor you utilize as well as the type of conversion you want to make. When estimating costs, you should take the following factors into consideration:

  • How big your garage is
  • The interior design you have in mind
  • Do you plan to use a project manager or contractor?
  • The existing floor height
  • The kind of materials you plan to use
  • Whether your garage has access to utilities like air conditioning.

rolling-garage-door-repair-farmhouse-living-room-with-rustic-800x532The entire project might cost you anywhere between 25,000 to 40,000 dollars. This estimate can increase depending on what’s included in the garage conversion – installing windows, insulation, plumbing, electrical, heating, flooring, paint, furniture, fixtures, and so forth.

You can reduce costs by doing some of the tasks, such as carpentry work, yourself. However, you should only do this if you have the skills and the expertise. If you take the DIY approach, you might end up creating problems that will cost you more money, time and effort to fix. Thus, it is crucial that it is done right the first time.

Get Help from an Experienced Garage Renovation/Conversion Expert

When undertaking a garage living space conversion, it is best that you work with an experienced professional. For example, an architect can help you design your new room and ensure that its aesthetics is optimized and fits your style. Likewise, you can hire a contractor to oversee your garage conversion project and ensure that the room meets your functional requirements. Furthermore, engaging the services of experienced and licensed plumber and electrician will help you prevent costly mistakes.

Use the following checklist to make sure you cover all the essentials during your garage living space conversion:

  1. Determine the garage conversion type that will best meet your requirements, and think of where you will store your vehicles
  2. Speak with a garage conversion expert or an architect regarding the most cost efficient method to design your garage layout. Remember to discuss city codes as well as regulations
  3. Obtain all needed permits as well as permissions
  4. Carry out the framing of your room
  5. Connect the room to your home’s existing plumbing system
  6. Install electrical wiring, cables and sockets
  7. Install an autonomous heating system in your new room or connect the room to your home’s existing heating and cooling system
  8. Install required insulation
  9. Install dry wall
  10. Install flooring or carpeting

garageconversion1You may also want to install a dehumidifier which is particularly important if you reside in a humid climate. While your furnace and air conditioning unit will help decrease humidity within your converted garage space, you might require additional help. With a dedicated dehumidifier, you will maintain proper humidity levels within the room so you are comfortable throughout the year.

Lastly, adding finishing touches to your converted garage space will help make it feel more like home. Ensure that the style fits your home’s overall decor. Furnish your new space with the needed furniture and appliances. Garage living space conversion is a fantastic way to increase living space within your home without losing garden space.